GTKate Engineering and Marine services provides all facets of dredging and marine logistics services of global standard. GTKate employs a multinational management team and a staff complement of over 100 highly motivated and experienced Nigerians to provide dredging, flood and erosion control, shoreline protection and consolidation, canalization, urban Renewal and reclamation to National and Sub-National Governments; Government Agencies, Energy, Construction, and Oil and Gas industries.


At GTKATE, we recognize that people are our fundamental resource and have a number of policies in place to attract only the best in the industry and to augment this pool of talent from time to time. A well defined Human Resources Development policy is in place to ensure healthy competition, open work place creating an environment to share knowledge and incentive mechanism to motivate people to derive the best from them. GTKATE project management and technical personnel are highly qualified in their areas of specialty with complete familiarity with industrial and commercial management, employing 

the latest enterprise management techniques to take on-time and right decisions. GTKATE lays great emphasis on the training of its personnel to improve their operational skills and gear them up with modern techniques. The senior and middle management personnel are imparted off the job training while the site workmen are trained on the job to enhance their skills. GTKATE employs highly qualified and experienced personnel, maintains state of the art construction equipment and meticulous project planning and monitoring tools to ensure compliance to its development strategies and operational goals.

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GTKATE Engineering and Marine Services Limited has a strong finance base. The Directors of the company are committed to achieving the set corporate objectives. Due to expansion in our operations in recent times, our project-financing portfolio has diversified to include the following: 
 lBank Borrowing (short and long term) 
 lFresh Capital Injection 
 lPloughing Back of Profit 
 lMobilisation fees (if any) 
It is important to state clearly that our bankers are solidly behind us, and are committed to finance any project awarded to us irrespective of the contract value


With the new Federal Government emphasis on local content development, GTKATE Engineering and Marine Services Limited intends to maximize this opportunity to improve on its activities without undermining quality, safety, schedule and budget. GTKATE Engineering and Marine Services Limited is currently bidding for a number of Projects in the oil and gas sector which is expected to take off between the next quarter of this year.


LOCAL CONTENT STRATEGY (opportunity for foreign investors)

Our Deliberate infusion of Nigerians in every aspect of our operation within and outside Nigeria over the years aimed at local capacity building is now yielding dividends with 100% domiciliation of Engineering and procurement Management services in Nigeria and over 80% fabrication and installation by Nigerians using local procured materials. Some of our personnel were recently trained abroad to render specialist technical support services locally to the Engineering and Construction industry.